You’ve waited for it, and now we bring you, the eight Beerkada Comics Compilation, BFF!

The first batch of books finished printing yesterday so the first sets are currently being delivered to major National Bookstore and Powerbooks Branches, particularly in Megamall area, Shangri-la, SM Fairview, SM North and Cubao. Warning though, National now has a limit to the number of copies they stock in their branches, so do not be surprised if it runs out of stock soon. Just keep asking them to restock their branches ASAP!

Books will take a week (or several weeks) to reach the provincial branches so we apologize and please bear with us a little longer.

To find out when the BFF will reach the nearest bookstore in your place, check out the Beerkada Store Finder.

As an added bonus, BFF has a specially made Beerkada Board Game at the Back Cover which we call Istiks N Isaw. You can also download the board and tokens and print it on your own from here.

We’ll update you on details for the launch very soon, so keep watch here for announcements.