Another successful Komikon ended last Saturday in gorgeous Starmall Trade Hall. I wasn’t able to go around much or even photograph the event as I was busy with Dekada.


Thanks to Beerkadet Kevin for once again going beyond the call of duty and helping out in the Beerkada booth. Also to Psychocow for breaking his pattern and attending two Komikons in a row, bringing his AstigTV crew with him.

Thanks to the old school Beerkadets like Lorie, GXMania, Tora, Roachy and the rest for showing up. Thanks to everyone who bought the 10th Beerkada book.

Thanks to Gerald of Starmall for bringing out the best of this “hidden” treasure in the midst of the metropolis.

Thanks to Lei, Syeri, Jon, Ariel, Patrick, Lei’s mom, and the marshals from LunaRock and UP EnggSoc for bringing their “A” game and giving everyone a great experience.

Thanks to all the sponsors, exhibitors and attendees who continue to support local komiks. Reviving an industry has never been so much fun.

And finally, thanks God. When God gives you lemons, make invisible komiks.

BTW, if you attended Komikon, please answer the following survey which was lovingly prepared by Chompy.