The quintessential Torpe himself, Glen dela Costa has taken the art of running away from women to new heights. From stalking to sniffing undergarments, he’s done it all. And despite all this, for some weird reason, women go crazy over him anyway. Go figure. While it’s true that Glen has a girlfriend right now, it wasn’t because he any less torpe than before . Andrea stalked him, pursued him, and chomped him into submission. Prior to Andrea, he and Dana used to go out, but that ended weirdly.Other than that, Glen is your average guy, trying to get by, with a little help from his friends.
Miss Chompy herself. Made a career of stalking Glen and chomping him into submission. Andrea‘s (last name unrevealed) obsession over Glen probably overwhelmed Glen’s extreme katorpehan, so that’s why both of them are now an item. Ang saya-saya, no?Chompy is currently working in an online tour services group, and is being sent all over the Asia-Pacific region as part of her job. She is trying to drag her beloved with her on these trips.
Alan Polantoc is probably the most underachieving geek known to mankind. Spent most of his (ongoing) stay in college making weird experiments (involving mice, toast, and Ninoy) and pursuing Boopey. Didn’t graduate on time, and now looks like he’ll spend the next forty years transferring from one college to another. Hey, at least he knows what he’s going to be doing long-term.
Boopey Valenzuela is finishing up her law studies and will be focusing on the bar. No-nonsense and straight-laced, she is still inexplicably smitten with Alan. The Beerkada found out that she was hanging around with her law school classmates and promptly terrorized the rival clique.
Bryan Strada is the classic ladies’ man. He sure knows how to charm them. Don’t let the Erap-style hair and the Erap-style body fool you… waitaminit!ANYWAY, Bryan is so unfaithfully loyal (whatever that means). Hey, it’s not everyday you meet somebody who wants to live a Hedonistic lifestyle and get away with it. What a man. He is currently employed in a call center agency.
Jimmy Goco is the personification of cluelessness. Sometimes, one has to wonder if he can actually dress up by himself. Despite that, Jimmy is the most dependable friend one can have. If only he can remember that.
Fe Goco is Jimmy’s wife, which proves the old Chinese saying “the self-forgotten man is protected by the fates” to be true. She just happened to bump into Jimmy in a restaurant one day, and that was that.Nothing much is known of Fe at the moment, aside from the fact that Jimmy has probably found his soulmate. The Gocos are having their first baby, to Jimmy’s eternal wonderment.
If there’s a rally, Jay Bilasko‘s sure to be there. If there’s a mountain waiting to be climbed, or a trail waiting to be found, Jay is also your guy. But don’t let his tibak demeanor fool you; he’s every bit as idiotic as the rest of the Beerkada. It’s just the way things are. Accept it and move on. Really.Jay recently quit his teaching position from college to manage his anti-establishment supplies company.
If Evil ever became a geeky human with no fashion sense, it would probably still not compare to Harry Galisaso. If you ever need anything finished off, Harry is your guy… for a price.And despite that, he’s still a a member of the Beerkada. Harry does have his uses, after all. His most recent sob story is getting stood up during a speed dating meet.
Elevating Kakikayan to an art form, Dana Aguila is the group’s resident ditz. Is familiar with the latest showbiz news (Local and Hollywood) and the nuances between all the skin moisturizers in the market, but can’t cook Instant Noodles to save her life. Spent her college life dating, and then some.Currently studying in Europe, the Beerkada is waiting for her to come back. But news of a fiancee is gaining ground…
The reviled mascot of Beerkada.A formidable racketeer with a fast mouth and a foul temper. Psychocow was sent to Mascot Academy by Lyndon a few months ago to learn the basics of mascotry. He ended up taking over the school.
Aling Mcbeal has been with Beerkada since Aling McBeal was still being aired and before Calistha Flockheart was even dating Harrison Ford. Ew.Mcbeal is the owner of Aristocart, the rogue mobile food establishment that’s battling over the students’ palates and wallets with such rivals as Mami Mary and Kikiam’s Delivery Service. She recently obtained a secret recipe for Ynasal na Ysaw from her mother, but got caught on network TV using unhygenic ingredients. Ew.
Vernon is Boopey’s young nephew who Boopey is babysitting from time to time. What his parents don’t know is that Boopey often leaves Alan in charge of Vernon while she studies. Yikes.Vernon won a prize from last Halloween by allowing Kuya Alan to suit him up as a toilet paper mummy. Victory quickly turned to shame as Alan dragged to the nearest men’s room when a bout of diarrhea struck the latter.