LYNDON GREGORIO is the pseudonym of the cartoonist behind BEERKADA. He was chosen as the Philippine delegate for he 11th Asian Cartoon Exhibit, which was held in Tokyo, Japan last October 2006.

Lyndon is a graduate of UP Diliman, and is now working full-time developing Beerkada and his other works.



The cartoonist known to the world as Lyndon Gregorio rose up from obscurity into the realm of anonymity. Raised in a water drum by wild boars, L. spent most of his younger days scratching obscene childlike drawings on the walls surrounding Intramuros. He was found by kindly strangers at the age of 6 and brought to the green meadows of White Plains to be raised among the wealthy and powerful. L. committed suicide on both strangers at the age of 8.

He spent the next 10 years wandering the streets of New York (Cubao) and Washington (Ayala), living off birds’ nests and sunripened bananas. One day, he found his calling when a man dropped his felt pen by accident. L. took the pen and exchanged it for real food. He spent the next 5 years stealing pens and bartering it for meals.

L. found his second calling when he used one of his stolen pens to draw a remarkable portrait of a passing gentleman. The gentleman took one look at the sketch and recognized his stolen pen in the process. L. was captured and sent to boys’ town. He now works along with 25 other miscreants to ink the panels of Beerkada, as a reminder that all the jokes that made you laugh in every strip was done at the expense of much abused and unloved juveniles.

If you know of any such child, please call Bantay-Bata 163 and help build lives again.

P.S. The artist has been referring to himself as L long before that freaky Japanese detective started pasting his gothic initial all over the web. Buti nga pinatay siya ni Kira.

Ryuk ryuk ryuk 🙂