Why is the strip called Beerkada?

It is a portanteau word, combining Beer + Barkada. It literally means, ‘drinking buddies.’

When is the next Beerkada book coming out?

Expect Book 9 by March 2009.

What happened to Dana?

She went to Europe to study. Sometime last year, she visited the Philippines.

With her Danish fiance.

Dana represents our friends who went overseas. They’re still our friends, of course, but it’s not just the same.

Who represents you among the gang?

I feel closest to Glen, especially during his torpe years.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From hanging around friends, from day-to-day experiences.

I can’t find a particular Beerkada book. Can you help?

Try the Storefinder.

Can you give a winning Suwertres number?
I want to buy the Beerkada boxed set. How can I do this?
Click on the books section and select the ADD TO CART button on the basket set.
Any more questions? Email it to beerkada@gmail.com