Apocalypizza – a pizza topped on one side with mushroom with onion ring halos and the other side with devil salami slices. causes the eaters to exclaim ‘sarap-ture!’ Watch out for the anti-crust.

Aristocart – the rogue mobile food stall owned by Aling McBeal and frequented by the beerkada. Named after the popular manila-based barbecue restaurant the Aristocrat.

The Ark Burger – a sandwich with fillings made up of meat from 2 of every animal. 

Beerkada – a portmanteau of the words ‘beer’ and ‘barkada’ (a close-knit group of friends), which literally translated, means a close-knit group of friends who enjoy beer together.

Cartbucks – a specialty stall also owned by aling mcbeal, specializing in coffee. named for the international coffee chain Starbucks.

Chompy – refers to a person who likes to chomp his/her beloved one to prevent them from escaping.

Chomp – 1. the act of lovingly biting a huge chunk of a person on their shoulder (be sure you don’t bite it off). 2. clamp hard on mate potential.

Deja Moo – a feeling that you’ve heard this bull before.

Isaw – type of grilled Filipino street food sold on sidewalks and mobile food carts. Isaw is made up of residual (but still edible) chicken parts like the feet (adidas), head (helmet), intestines (i.u.d.), blood clotted and shaped into cubes (betamax).

Jonah’s revenge – a sandwich filled with sautéed whale blubber. Makes the eater’s stomach so heavy, the only good thing about consuming it is that it’ll come out in 3 days, one way or another.

Lobe-stinence pledge movement – earlobe piercing abstinece movement run by the sisters at Andrea’s high school.

Mancard –  a license to be what a man is about.  

Mancore – a mancard for men who are classified as harder than manly and manlier than hardcore.

Overfriend – a friend who displays affection overtly without meaning anything of it.

Passionistas – fans of the movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’.

Parabols (a.k.a. manbrella) – a feature-loaded umbrella designed by a man for men. Cigar-shaped, with expandable/retractable size and designs targeted at the male population. Etymology: para-bols. Say it slowly. Get it?

Pfft – term used in dismissing irritating people as lower lifeforms not worth one’s time. Pathetic fools? Forget them.

Spa-ketchup – cafeteria-style spaghetti with a sauce made of what looks to be ketchup.


Siponara sauce – the cafeteria version of carbonara sauce, which has a consistency of ‘sipon’ or nose snot. Ew.

The Sodom and Gomorrah sandwich –a decadent buttered roll filled with mayo, nacho cheese, chicharon, bacon and gravy, burnt to a crisp with a shawarma skewer and seasoned with salt. 

The Solomon Mamon –a mamon (native butter cake) that gets fought over by two persons who think the other had already consumed their portion.

The Ten Plagues special – a feast starting with the killing off the flies and the lice, followed by tomato juice, boiled frogs legs, fried locusts and rock salt, dark roast beef and firstborn suckling pig.

The Tower of Babel Burger –a towering sandwich so stuffed with fillings that it causes people to talk in gibberish while eating it.

Tinginingining – expression used by the creator to substitute for colorful language. Etymology: read it aloud slowly. It’ll come to you.

Umfriend – a concealed intimate relationship.

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