Full Name: Aling McBeal

First Appearance: the gang’s sophomore year

Occupation: owns and runs Aristocart

Status: widow

Quote: “Klibedys? Sangkatutak naman ang klibeys ko, ah!” (In response to rival G. Congee’s obvious charms)



  • Aling McBeal can turn just about anything into isaw. This includes Santa’s reindeer, post owls, alien life forms, vampire trees and vermin.
  • Aling McBeal practices recycling. In her case, this is not a good thing.
  • Aling McBeal’s first on-campus rival is G. Congee.
  • Aling McBeal’s business instincts tends to be on the ruthless side, she is not above hiring thugs and/or Harry to get rid of the competition.
  • The DOH has tried to arrest Aling McBeal for wasabi poisoning.
  • Aling McBeal’s food cart is retrofitted to be able to afford her a speedy escape in case she is chased by the authorities.  
  • Aling McBeal also owns a coffee stall known as Cartbucks. For this venture, she has hired an assistant named Dave Barista.
  • Aling McBeal had to promise to snub love to get her mother’s recipe for ynasal na ysaw.
  • Aling McBeal’s Bluetooth sign-in name is SexyGurl88.
  • Aling McBeal has a daughter, who unwittingly caused Aling McBeal’s ynasal na ysaw recipe to be splattered over the internet via youtube.
  • Aling McBeal uses rats to aid her cooking, but definitely unlike in the movie Ratatouille.
  • Aling McBeal’s rival food vendors include: G. Congee, Mami Mary, and Kikiam’s Delivery Service.
  • Aling McBeal is a Kok Fu master.
  • Aling McBeal’s love interests are Bryan and Master Chef.