This week’s storyline covers the Avril Lavigne concert held in Araneta Coliseum last Wednesday. It’s been years since Alan, Boopey, or any Beerkada attended the Big Dome.

The coliseum is not as packed as I had expected. Chompy says its because the event wasn’t well promoted. I guess the price hikes and the Eraserheads reunion concert all took its part in diminishing the crowd.

But the crowd that did gather was predominantly girls. A mist formed throughout the interior; my guess is its mostly estrogen.

Anyway, the concert started way after 8pm, without an opening act or sponsorship announcements. Chompy got to use her concert-bought glow horn headband, blink wand, and binoculars. She made me listen to Avril songs hours before the event, soI appreciated the many levels of the performance.


Here are Chompy’s (better pics) from the event. I’m also adding the audio of Avril’s last songs for the evening, I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend Remix and Sk8r Boi. Ignore the idiot in the background trying to sing along.