Star Trek is amazing! Great casting, especially for Zachary Quinto as Spocklar. And J.J. Abrams did a near-impossible job of not only pleasing the canon-stringent Trekkies, but balancing the cool moments among an ensemble cast, something that usually needs an entire season in a TV show (I’m looking at you, X-Men).

Of course, Chompy booed Uhura as a hindrance between the bromance that is Kirk and Spock.

I’m coming off a collective experience with the rest of the Via-Astris when we watched it in SM MoA IMAX last Tuesday. After the ho-hum of Watchmen and Wolverine, Star Trek is giving off vibes as the year’s first great film.

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Thanks for VA, Paramount Pictures, Solar Films, Fish & Co., and SM MoA for the free food and free movie, and a chance for Trek lovers to hope again after the debacle of Enterprise.

My word. Does this mean a reboot for Trek and the City as well?

It’s been a long road…