Philippine Daily Inquirer’s head cartoonist Jess Abrera was able to attend the closing activities¬† of Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009, just in time to bask in the glow of his son Manix Abrera’s successful Alab ng Puso book tour.

Pol Medina, Jr. was also able to launch Book 21 of his Pugad Baboy series. The Komikon team was even able to get him to sign his last-minute endorsement of the event in last Friday’s Pugad Baboy strip in PDI.



Thanks to Beerkadet Dee for helping me in the booth, Porky for trying out for the arm wrestling contest, and Lorie, Tenkouken, and eventual winner Bugoytheman for joining the Komikon Idol, and Targrod, Ana T, Ana, Mary, and the rest of the Beerkadets for attending this summer’s event.

And thanks to every comics artist and comics lover for making Komikon Summer Fiesta a successful event.

Now on to Komikon Prime in October!