Summer Komikon 2011 was a blast of cool komiks air this scorching summer, thanks to the newish Bayanihan Center in Pasig.The event was graced by legendary illustrator Tony Dezuniga, creator of Jonah Hex. Mr. Dezuniga will be holding a workshop this May 14, for those interested.

The more notable cover art comes from Ariel A., whose CLASS booklet features different characters.


The batch of volunteers this year pretty much impressed me. I asked one the one in charge of the KomikEggs (previously KomItlog) to make origami egg stands and when I came back, he went to town with the art paper.


The KomikEggs (previously KomItlog) themselves were a hit, with contributions from lots of attending artists. I was a little worried with a few eggs, which featured screws and pins. Somewhere, a chicken is suffering from back pains.

Carlo Vergara released an excerpt of his anticipated Zsa Zsa Zaturrnah sequel.


I’m shown here with my best friend Jiggy Cruz. Only a best friend would allow me to place three of my fingers on his shoulder in a gesture of camaraderie, avoiding the dreaded “hover hands“.


I’m shown here signing Ace Vitangcol’s eye cast. I managed not to dot the eye.


Reno Maniquis shown here being outraged with the unlicensed MASKARADO KomikEgg on display.


Thanks to everyone for attending Summer Komikon 2011! You can see more images here.