FCBD 2011 upped the ante in terms of boosting the profile of the comics community. Comics Odyssey Galleria, in particular, hosted a comics party, giving away 50 free comics to the first 600 visitors. A dozen local comic strip artists also gave their support.
Sandy was gracious enough to give free shirts and comics to the artists. He also provided refreshments.

My best friend Jiggy Cruz also showed up, reaffirming the bond we share that’s stronger than any restraining order.

Komikon ended the day by watching the Thor movie. The only way they could have improved upon the Shakespearean  overtones  is by turning it into a full-blown German opera (they  already got the costumes  right.)

Thanks to Sandy and the rest of Comics  Odyssey for hosting the event.   And thanks to everyone  who showed    up in  support of comics.