Chompy and I watched Cloverfield on the first night of regular screening. The movie has a noticeable absence of the creature’s moan. It also failed to tell the origin of the creature.

This never bothered me, as the fear of the unknown dissipates once we find out more about the source of our fears (remember The Ring 2, where they tried to explain Sadako? Exactly.). Chompy, on the other hand, speculated that the monster is a failed government experiment.

When I say ‘government’, I mean the US government. That creature can no way be a failed Philippine government experiment, which is limited to things like ‘electronic voting’, and ‘National Broadband’.

I personally thought the creature was The Water Horse, whose trailer we saw during the same screening.

Trivia: Clover tsips refers to Clover Chips, a delightful corn chip snack in the Philippines. It comes in cheese and barbeque flavor.

How come barbeque flavor tastes nothing like barbeque? It’s the same thing with grape flavor. Trust me; I eat grapes and barbeque.

Have you tried room-temperature grape-flavored Zesto? That thing will turn your face into a Ringwraith.