I think the pre-poduction meeting for the G.I. Joe movie went like this…

Hasbro exec: Stephen Sommers, we watched Transformers 2 and the plot made no sense. How can you prevent the G.I. Joe movie from falling into the same fate?

Sommers:  Simple. I just take the script from Star Wars then use the find/replace function of MSWord to change the names, places, and weapons to suit G.I. Joe.

Hasbro: Brilliant! But where will you get a working script of Star Wars?

Ray Park: At your service.


It was incredible. Ariel A., Chompy, and I watched the movie after Metro Comic-Con and Chompy asked me to name the characters as the movie went along because she wasn’t too familiar with the 80’s G.I. Joe.

So 10 minutes in, I was going, “…so there’s Destro…that’s Heavy Duty…”, but by the last 20 minutes, I was going,”…there’s the Death Star Ray…that’s Darth Maul…”