Chompy and Ariel A. joined me for the advanced screening of Meet the Spartans. Despite all the negative reviews against it, one thought crossed my mind as I watched the movie: the humor was very Pinoy.

80’s Pinoy comedy, to be exact.

A Joey de Leon-Rene Requiestas comedy, to be more exact.

I’m talking about the slow pacing, the overstretched jokes, the non-sequitor moments, the dancing, the song number, and the overt gay jokes, which is a Joey de Leon trademark.

If this was the 80’s, the JdL-RR team would immediately make a 300 spoof.

Joey, of course, would be the bare-chested king. Rene would certainly be the skinny Captain of the Guards.

Jimmy Santos (the forerunner of Will Ferrell) can be Xerxes, Zsa Zsa Padilla is Queen Gorgo, Ritchie the Horsey is the head of the Persian Immortals, Noel ‘Ungga’ Ayala is the traitorous Ephialtes, and Ruel Vernal is the villainous Councilman.




I miss the 80’s.