Want a fuller Beerkada experience? Want to spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need to impress people you don’t really like? Then take Beerkada with you! Buy the books, wear the shirts and buttons, hug the plushie, and we assure you, we will have a fuller experience with your disposable income. Mm.

GOOD NEWS! Beerkada.net accepts Paypal. You can rely on a safe and easy way to purchase yor Beerkada stash.

Updated 1-4-09: You can now place your orders by clicking the ADD TO CART button next to the products, then clicking the GO TO CHECKOUT link on the right sidebar. You can see your shopping cart (the list of items you purchased) on the right sidebar as well. (Note: if the item does not appear in your shopping cart, it may be out of stock. Email me for confirmation.)

Once you confirm your purchases and typed in your contact and delivery details, click on the MAKE PURCHASE button at the bottom. Wait for the email on payment instructions and delivery/payment fees, and that’s it!

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