Bago Mag-Mayo, Mag-Komikon muna!

  • I found out something about my behavior during Komikon. My young friend LJ notes that I was inattentive, slow to respond, and sleepy by the afternoon, and that some of the autograph-seekers were annoyed by this. Yipes. All my efforts to respond to Beerkadets by social media and organizing komiks events are all for naught if I appear tired. I’ve got to address this.
  • Chompy’s mom reports she sold 7 bags of Komikorn-brand popcorn. Once you pop, masarop! The sales sheet show that people prefer Stanley Cheese over Curry Baet-Zamar.
  • I met a Beerkadet who bought the original edition of Beerlenium when she was but a grade-schooler. Now she’s a nurse. Wow.
  • High points to Lunarock for turning their thought balloon headband into a commercial product. I never thought a group can blend creativity with consumerism.

Thanks to Porky, Kai, Oliver, Targrod, Anna and her sisters, Kevin, Elay, and all the other Beerkadets who dropped by the booth. And thanks to everyone else who attended this summer’s Komikon.