Relationships, a listener talkback/advice portion on Mellow 94.7, just celebrated its DJ Marco and Ms D’s 1st Relationships anniversary at Carlo’s Pizza in Metrowalk, Ortigas Center, Pasig last April 10, 2008. Though it’s Marco and D’s first year, other DJ’s have also handled Relationships in the previous years.

As you know, Chompy’s a big fan of the show and its hosts, Ms. D and DJ Marco, so she HAD to be there. And that means I have to be there, too, because she needs someone to escort her home. Every 8 pm to 12 midnight, Relationships 947 is broadcasted every Thursday nights. On Tuesdays, it is Secret Tuesdays with D and Marco, while it’s Mellow Nights with Marco every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I got to meet the other DJs (DJ Chloe and DJ Chris of the CNC Music Factory, M-F 4-8pm), as well. The pizza’s good in Carlo’s, but they didn’t pipe in the live broadcast indoors , so we had to listen in using Chompy’s FM radio/Nokia N80 (she wanted to dine outside with the DJ’s, but I wanted to get await from the summer heat.) The manager allowed us to plug her phone charger into their wall socket, though.

We wanted to pay via credit card, but their machine was broken, so we paid in cash. So between the non-Mellow music indoors and the broken credit card machine, the whole Carlo’s experience was unpleasant. Plus, they took their time getting the pizza to us.

During the course of the meal, we kept hearing loud static from the airplay. Chompy talked with DJ Marco afterwards, and, as we suspected, something was interfering with their signal. Chomps related that, while passing through Ortigas Center at the start of the workday, her signal from Mellow gets interrupted.

DJ Marco blames suspects a rival radio station stationed in Ortigas.