You know, the movie where a disembodied female voice instructs Shia LeBeouf on terrorism through his mobile phone.

Throughout the movie, networked systems, such as subways, traffic lights, and airports, kept getting disrupted, shut down, and manipulated by whatever’s coercing LeBeouf to commit illegal activities.

So, anyway,  at two points of the movie, the film reel stops. Right in the middle of the action. At this point, I had a feeling the perpetrators in the movie has crossed over to our cinema.

And then a disembodied female voice instructed us to wait until the technical problem was fixed.

Chompy had the nerve to think about complaining to the management about our poor cinematic experience. Has she NOT been paying attention to the MOVIE? I’m just glad the voice didn’t instruct me by name to kill everyone in the theater.


I realized something else during the scene when LeBeouf was being kept in the FBI interrogation room. I thought, if The Matrix was filmed in 2008, it would have starred Shia as Neo. Instead of saying, “Who-a.”, he would have said, “nonoNO.”