The Artist’s Den supported local films just hours ago by watching entries in the MMFF08; namely, Iskul Bukol, Dayo, and Shake, Rattle, and Roll X.

For IB20, I  didn’t know what was creepier: young women fawning over a geriatric Vic Sotto , or the repeated buttocks exposure of a young boy.

Of course, I applaud their handling of the ensemble cast problem: just allot 10 minutes to 80% of the Iskul Bukol cast, 20 minutes to characters that werenjmn’t in the original series, a fourth of the movie to the infamous Escalera brothers,  then undeservingly devote the rest to the professor-turned-archeologist Vic Ungasis. It’s like the movie spat at the idea of equal screen time.

After IB20, we then watched Dayo, the first local animated feature that didn’t try to copy straight from Disney. Good scoring, innovative use of the Visayan dialect in a cartoon format, and we got to meet Michael V. (who voice-acted the tikbalang Narsi) and director Robert Quilao after the movie. However, the little manananggal Anna spoke so much like a fag hag in the movie I’m sure she connected with the lower half of a boy more than once in her life.

But the breakout film for this MMFF has got to be the Nieves segment of SRRX. Directed by Mike Tuviera, the beautiful, kick-ass engkanto slayer in the title role (played by an impressively comic Marian Rivera) is a worthy successor to the iconic Panday.  She’s like Alexandra Trese with a personality, a Darna for the 21st century, and definitely the anti-Maria Clara, as she’d unhesitatingly fight off supernatural forces for her man. The SRR series have always had a great segment, but I was delightfully surprised on how a Pinoy film appealed to my geek side.