Chompy says: Hello! Chompy here. I have temporarily taken over the website to ask the help of all Beerkada readers!

I have a 2-year old female dachshund who is now in heat. In other words, ready for having puppies. I think I am also ready to let Snow (my dog) to have puppies now, though she has been ready for more than a year now. Snow is a small, short-haired, dapple dachshund as you can see below. As a trivia, Snow is the dog whom Mini-Chomps is based on.

If you have a male dachshund looking for some good time *wink* *wink* , please do let me know by posting here. I believe that the optimum time for mating would be 9 days from the start of bleeding, and Snow started bleeding last Wednesday, April 2. Maybe we can arrange a meet up next Monday (April 7 which is a holiday) or Saturday (April 12). I’d be willing to be the one to visit your dog at your place (hopefully within Metro Manila).

Thank you very much!

Snow Close Up Ready for having puppies

Snow - Full Body Shot Snow looking cute