Toycon2008 is another jam-packed affair in the tradition of Toycon 2007 and 2006. The artists’ corner is at the Megatrade Hall side furthest from the middle, and we were mere meters from the food section. The aroma of grilled Hungarian sausage wafted past us all day. How come we artists always seem to get positioned next to the food section?

Besides the usual gang of the Artist’s Den, Taga-Ilog, and Joanah, we were also besides Jomike Tejido, who was displaying his Foldabots collection (as seen from K-Zone magazine). There was also Manix Abrera with his driftwood constructs.

The New Worlds Alliance sent their delegation of Star Wars stormtroopers and pirates, as well as Jon S. as the Shadow and Mark E. in a Speed Racer costume. Go!

Chompy came in late both days because she was finishing the BearCuddles hats and the doujin,  which is currently in its second issue. Good for you! Her family also managed to visit the convention,and we took pics in front of Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Of course, there were the Beerkadets. Thanks to regulars Ilenz, Oliver, Kai,  secretfan (who shall remain unnamed because if her mom ever finds out she went to Toycon…), Mary, Kuya Jot, Bugoytheman, GXMania, Tinkahbelle, Roachy, Polskie, Ana Ng, and Jaclyn, as well as Nico, Elay, Tey, Matt, Aimee, Ces, Yani’s proxy Aiza, Allen, and all the rest.

The Glen and Chompy plushies were a huge hit, selling out mere hours into the first day, with a lot of disappointed fans having to look forward to the next convention to get their hands on the dolls. Aw. Sorry, boys and girls.

Thanks to Az and the Comics Collectibles for inviting us artists to Toycon2008. See you next year!

I’ll try adding more pics in the forum. See you all there!