I just watched The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor with Chompy.

I went in with very low expectations as befitting a Mummy movie, and yet I must say there are several things that challenged my suspension of disbelief.

I cannot believe that Maria Bello is the same character played previously by Rachel Weisz. Especially if it’s an American actress with a British accent.

And I cannot believe that Brendan Fraser can hope to defeat Jet Li.

This is similar to the feeling I had when I watched Lethal Weapon 4.  Mel Gibson cannot hope to defeat Jet Li.

You can only hope to defeat Jet Li using underhanded tactics, such as poisoning (Fearless), backstabbing (literally in Dragon Emperor), trickery (The Forbidden Kingdom), or when he willingly surrenders (Hero).

Also, when the movie starts giving him supernatural powers, like shape-shifting, i was thinking, “Jet Li don’t need no superpowers.”

It’s like when Jackie Chan got supernatural powers in “The Medallion”.

Jackie Chan don’t need no supernatural powers.

Especially if he’s fighting against Julian Sands, the guy who de-limbed a girl in Boxing Helena.

Oh, and when the full trailer for Eagle Eye came out, I was thinking that Shia LeBeouf will sa, “No. No.Nononononono.” at least 3 times in that movie.