Full Name: PsychoCow

First Appearance: The Comic Strip Jock

Occupation: Mascot/Reality TV director/Actor/ Seeing-Eye Co/Commercial Model

Status: sexy as hell
Quote: “I put the ‘moo’ in smooth”

*    PsychoCow is a bull with udders. This interesting mutation came from being a laboratory test subject.
*    PsychoCow was introduced to the strip as an applicant for Comic Book Jock. Since then, he has been Lyndon’s assistant, security detail, chief critic, news correspondent, liaison, as well as freelancing as a director, NAMFREL volunteer, intern, seeing-eye cow, dictator, and even a casting director for Michael Jackson.
*    PsychoCow has crossed over storylines more times than the norm with Marvel and DC comics.
*    A formidable racketeer with a smart mouth, he routinely out-schemes Harry and even outdoes Bryan at romancing the ladies.
*    PsychoCow inherited the ‘One Ring’ from his Uncle Balbon Baggins. It’s the udder ring that he’s always seen sporting.
*    PsychoCow is far-sighted.
*    PsychoCow lost a rectangular piece of hide from his hindquarters following a wild night in Bangkok. Bryan is suspected with keeping the hide as a wallet.
*    Veterinarians as a group make PsychoCow nervous.
*    PsychoCow enjoyed the Darna ballet.
*    PsychoCow interned at Wyoming several years earlier, quitting the program after being invited to share the tent with his herders.
*    PsychoCow attended the Hong Kong Film Academy at some point.
*    After working as a director, PsychoCow went to vacation at an abattoir, mistakenly thinking that the word was French for ‘Spa’.
*    PsychoCow almost got engaged to Titter Maggie, selling his luxurious hair (implants) to buy her a ring. He ended up fingering her to the cops for insurance fraud.
*    PsychoCow is the first Filipino to ascend Mt. Everest. He is also the first to reach Mt. Everest without the aid of an oxygen tank.
*    PsychoCow is the legendary Repertory alumnus who can make any applicant cry during the Repertory company’s hell week.
*    L sent PsychoCow to Mascot School to learn proper behavior befitting a mascot. He ended up taking over the school.
*    PsychoCow caught both the bouquet and the garter at Jimmy and Fe’s wedding. Technically, he’s eligible to catch both.
*    PsychoCow likes to listen to smooth jazz.
*    PsychoCow has cosplayed as a water cooler, Darna, and Hard Gay.

updated 8-12-08 : Psychocow is hella sexy.