The last day has always been hectic. People who delayed commissioning a Caricutton (Caricature button) now appear in droves.

A couple of Korean students showed up to have their caricuttons made. I always treat the Koreans and Japanese with deference, as one of them might exclaim, “Amazing. I will introduce you to my Manga/Manwha publisher uncle!” They liked their buttons enough to recommend me to their friends.

Thanks to UP DOST SA for again hosting the 2008 1st sem Beerkada Book Tour in UP Diliman! Thanks also to Beerkadet Dee who strived to be the first buyer in all four days of the event, and relentlessly promoted Beerkada to friends and strangers alike. I got to meet two Allens through her, both Beerkada readers since way before college. And thanks to Artists’s Den members Ariel A. and Patrick J. for helping with the caricuttons.

SEE YOU ALL IN KOMIKON 2008! (November 22, Saturday, 10am-6pm, UP Bhaay ng Alumni)