Full Name: Harry Otto Galisaso

First Appearance: September 24, 1998

Occupation: Probably something immoral and/or illegal

Status: Will probably die alone.

Quote: “Boss, X, Boss”



  • Harry is known for hatching grandiose evil schemes, which he ends up executing as petty misdeeds.

  • The gang’s first encounter with Harry was when he blackmailed Dana into going on a date with him during his stint as a pager services operator.

  • In his first appearance in the strip, Harry had buck teeth and zits.

  • With the possible exception of PsychoCow, Harry has held the most jobs among the beerkada. he’s been an operator for a pager company, campaign manager, registration committee head, illegal practices consultant, computer virus creator, Webby awards judge, purveyor of pirated DVDs, evil henchman, inventor, and marketing manager.

  • Harry has never been shown as participating at one of the gang’s drinking sessions.

  • Harry was part of the officer corps. for their Citizen’s Military Training stint. His platoon ended up in a ditch because he forgot the command for ‘halt’.

  • Harry served as Bryan’s campaign manager during Bryan’s run for Student Council Representative.

  • Harry served as the registration committee head during the gang’s sophomore year enrollment.

  1. Harry released a virus on the Internet, wreaking havoc and crashing networks all over the US and Europe, causing $10 billion in damages worldwide before getting traced back to him. Since he didn’t violate any Philippine Law doing this, the judge awarded him for promoting world class Filipino handicraft instead.

  • Harry was chosen to be a Webby Awards judge on the merit of being the heaviest down loader of porn in the country.

  • Harry was hired by Aling McBeal as an illegal practices consultant in her campaign against rival G. Congee. He later worked for her as an evil henchman known as ‘Gago Yuhari’.

  • Harry attended the Asian Institute of Magic—and almost got burned as a witch for bragging about it.

  • Harry has such rotten luck with women that he got beaten up by Glen’s former love interest Racquel, cheated on by his love pillow, and was stood up during a speed dating session.

  • the only time Harry had women in his bed fighting over him was when 2 female Internet phantoms tried to kill him.

  • Despite being the ‘evil genius’ of the beerkada, Harry proves time and again that he is just as idiotic as the rest of the group. he really should have learned by now that Jimmy is always protected by the fates from the evil intentions of others.