From time to time, I visit Elbert Or’s blog, and some of his posts are about the cute antics of his young niece. I figure, is it my fault I don’t have a niece? Can’t I post about something close to my heart?

And then I realize I have two pups, Cham Cham and Ching Ching.

While I was doing the laundry, Cham Cham saw the plastic basin I use to bathe the pups with. He decided to curl up in it. Cute. I transported both pup and basin to the work area, and took this picture.


After a while, Cham Cham wanted to stretch, and left the comfort of the basin. His older yet smaller sister, Ching Ching, who always follows her brother’s example, quickly settled in the vacant spot.


Because in Ching Ching’s worldview, if you don’t snooze, you lose.