Ariel,  Lei, and I watched a sneak preview of Watchmen earlier in Globe Platinum Cinema in Gateway Mall this afternoon. This Zack Snyder film is faithful to the book, so much so that I’m worried for the moviegoers who didn’t read the book first. My opinion is the movie maybe TOO faithful, a fate suffered by the earlier Harry Potter movies. I mean, really, is faithfulness to the source material important in today’s comic book movie? The biggest comic book movie to date, The Dark Knight, has a Joker sans laughing gas and gun-with-flag.

Anyway, Rorschach is still splendid in his psychosis. And there’s no question I’ll watch again. And again in the director’s cut via the small screen.

By the way, I intentionally avoided many clips and viral videos pertaining to Watchmen so I can avoid spoilers. However, some videos are recommended for viewing prior to watching the film. The following, for example, explains the Keene Act.


And another one on a faux-news feature about Dr. Manhattan.