I was hanging around Trinoma’s expansive supermarket, and after getting a free sample of Nescafe intense blend coffee mix, I headed towards French Baker for a whole wheat croissant. I was initially nervous about the taste as compared to refined flour-butter croissant, but the high-fiber version turned out to be just as tasty.
They say that croissants came about after the French won a victory against the Moors in the decisive Battle of Tours. The bakers of France decided to honor this event by baking a pastry in the shape of the crescent, a symbol of Islam (hence, the term, “croissant”). By eating this symbolic crescent, the people of France can relive their victory again and again.

I’m thinking, if the French tried pulling that stunt in this modern age, the Danish pastry will soon have company among the baked goods that are firebombed in Europe.