Chompy was able to take pictures of the moment when the fast-rising waters inundated the entire subdivision of Felicidad 3, right besides San Mateo River.




The community evacuated to the relatively elevated parking lot of  PureGold San Mateo for the entire time. They were isolated, as Marikina to the south, Batasan to the east, and even Montalban to the north were flooded. The local government wasn’t able to send help.


The Monday after. The rice field besides San Mateo River has been turned into a muddy mess. The bridge itself serves as a temporary parking lot and pig sty for the residents (I heard the pigs were swimming to safety when the subdivision flooded.)


The roads are thick with sediment. People  cleaning up their homes are showing off the Ondoy look – brown stained clothes.



Can you guess what those pink elliptical objects are on the ceilings? They’re placemats.

And now to lighten the dark mood – puppies!


Four of them, who thankfully survived the San Mateo floods. Will you please give these cuddly,  post-apocalyptic canines a home? Inquiries will be entertained in the comments section.