At 3am, the Komikon group will head to Megatrade Hall 1 for setup. See y’all at 10am.

—– Update: 10-20-09—–


  • Best Cartoonist Hazel Manzano was the first to buy the Beerkada graphic novel. Thanks!
  • We had wifi until noon. Oh, well.
  • We were temporarily spooked when a GIANT PLASTIC HEAD was found by the marshalls. No one could recognize it, it didn’t have a body, and no one was coming forward to claim it.

The mystery was solved by closing time, but the whole thing reminded me of Stephen King.


  • Comics Aid awardee Elbert Or wanted to leave early, but when he saw Hazel’s crystal lamination plaque (created by Alex Manabat’s group), he stayed up to 5pm to collect his own.
  • Pol Medina, Jr. was able to make it and accept his award for best comic strip compilation.
  • Thank the Maker that no one lost a laptop this time around, but a komiks group lost their earnings. Sad…
  • Overheard during the convention:  “That is the GAYEST shirt I’ve ever seen…”


Thanks to Dee, Kenmikaze, Mary, Ana, Targrod, Ilenz, Psychocow, Vernon, Kristine, Peachy, Mark Poa, Tey, Deacon Frost, Aimee, Addy, Camille, Elay, Corie, and Roachy for attending the event (as well as buying the graphic novel). Special thanks to Kevin for his whole day volunteering which made for a pleasant experience for the rest of the Beerkadets (enjoy the book and shirt!).

And thanks to Syeri, Lei, Jon, Patrick and Ariel for providing a event for the komiks industry during the past 5 years.