Team Komikon visited “The Queen of the South” to uphold its goal of promoting Philippine Komiks at the 1st Cebu Komiks Convention last September 25, 2010 in Ayala Cebu. Not only was it the gang’s first plane trip together, it was also my first time in Cebu.
You can say that Cebu is a cleaner, greener Metro Manila. Parts of it resemble Binondo without the jumble of overhead power cable, other parts are like Divisoria without the permanent toxic pools of something festering in the street.

At C3 itself, we promoted Komikon, the event on November 13 and our own merch and titles. Our patented Piso raffle saw wave after wave of challengers fall against the carpal might of thumb warrior princess, Syeri B-Z.

Of course, as tourists, Team Komikon sampled the very tasty Cebu lechon. How did they get that flavor in the meat?! We also sampled the steamed fried rice at Harbor City resto at SM Cebu.


Man, just posting the images just got my craving on.

For pasalubong, the gang went to Tabo-an Market for dried fish and dried mangoes. I noticed that the vendors collect The Philippine Star, the only paper you wrap with from cover to cover. They were delighted when I showed them the Beerkada strip which featured Ariel A and Chompy, who were also standing right in front of them.

Thanks to Ray and the rest of Cebu Comics Convention for inviting us to their event. More power to Cebu komiks. Thanks also to Beerkadet Phoebe for helping us around and treating us to dimsum.