I just enjoyed a pancake and bacon breakfast this morning as I recover from yesterday’s Komikon. The 7th Annual Komiks Convention saw a greater number of titles released as well as a record number of attendees.


I would say that this is the year that local cartoonists got their marketing on, now that a majority of exhibitors leveled up in terms of presentation. One group developed an Android game to promote their title. Rommel Estanislao created these very classy figurines to promote his creations. One team released steampunk komiks.

One Komikon contest of note this year is CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, where contestants are asked to draw stuff while handicapped in some particular way.  For example, one round had contestants drawing bikini-clad women using their non-dominant hand…


Another round had them drawing cowboys from the feet down to their heads…


…and finally, the contestants were asked to draw Superman while blindfolded.

I missed out on getting the latest Trese collection because I was busy in the Komikon booth.


Thanks to the efforts the Komikon volunteers for giving everyone a smooth time. While the large crowd provided a challenge, you guys carried yourselves quite well.



Thanks to Julie and Cindy and the rest of Bayanihan Center for setting up the sun barrier in the morning, giving the long line of attendees a substantial degree of comfort. Thanks also to the free wifi as well as the janitorial staff.

Congrats to Tepay Pascual for having the most sales, thus winning a free Booth for next year’s Komikon. I already have a comics planned for the Komikon journal with her victory in mind.

Here’s a parting shot of Ariel A. hanging out with fellow beardo Cham-Cham.