ToyCon 2012 is at it again, this time featuring the actual Batman suit worn by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises. Though I’m sure Bale didn’t wear a black felt cape in the movie.


I had okonomiyaki for lunch, served by Akihabara Cafe within the convention. So THAT’S what it tastes like. I will have it again, if I can.


I spotted this awesome Baronesita walking past the booth with her mom. She even pointed her machine pistol at me, which is the correct response for a young girl when an older man asks to take her picture.


Finally, I got these five awesome Mighty Muggs from a booth. I was looking everywhere for these vinyl blanks to integrate with my Revenge of the Jhologs book later this October. I tried in Cubao Ex, Malugay St., even at Nothing. My last hope was ToyCon 2012, and my search paid off.

See you all tomorrow for the concluding day of ToyCon 2012!