You know, Mad Max has been influential in later post-apocalyptic films, like Doomsday and Waterworld.

Update 11:48am:

Regular Beerkada correspondent JMV has emailed me this bit of information about charcoal-powered vehicles. Though I don’t think taxi operators will add yet another converter into their vehicles.

Dear Mr. L.,

Nice one with the use of charcoal as fuel!  Yep, charcoal can really be used to power a car, not just crawl, but to run at 60 to 80 km/hr!  My grandfathers made several cars run on charcoal during WWII.  They made a chamber to cook the charcoal, then the gas would be ported to the intake manifold.  How to cook the charcoal to generate enough gas was their secret.  They really made it for trucks so that people can still haul goods despite the scarcity of fuel.  The trucks move slower though – about 10 to 15 km/h, maybe up to 20km/h only.  Good enough if the objective was to haul tons of goods.

BTW, congratulations on your engagement!

Thanks, JMV.