Last September, a local daily broadsheet removed 7 comic strips to make way for Carlo J. Caparas’s diyaryoserye. Among these were Elizabeth Chionglo’s Love Knots, Steven Pabalinas’ Divine Comedy, and Jomike Tejido’s Mikrokosmos.

Eventually, Love Knots returned, and some of the other comic strips returned as well.

The foreign comic strips.

What gets me is that the local comic strips artists are already earning a pittance from their work and are doing it for the love of the medium, and they were callously replaced by some bigshot who’s throwing his weight around. He was enabled by a newspaper whose background was defending the little guys from political bigshots who throw their weight around. And all of us end up having less alternatives to choose from.

That isn’t right.

And so I decided to start posting the entire Beerkada archive on this website. For free. These are translated to english to appeal to the international audience.

Hopefully, all nine years of Beerkada will be online by the end of 2008, for your reading pleasure.