Why am I posting all the Beerkada strips online?

First of all, the current trend in the Internet is free content. Online magazines and shifting away from the paid subscription model and going for ad revenues. Google AdSense and similar systems are making this possible.

That means I’d rather have a lot of you visit this site regularly and click on the ads you like than pay for access. Heck, if you decide to buy the Beerkada books and goodies because you like what you see here and are eager to support it, then I’m all for it.

Second, I still get a lot of english language-only fans who clamor for translated strips. So if you want the english version, visit the site. If you prefer the original taglish, read The Philippine Star. Or buy the books.

Third, webcomics are already popular overseas (Penny-Arcade.com’s PAX is currently the US’s largest gamer convention) but local webcomics still have a long way to go. Beerkada.net may help popularize the concept that you don’t need the conceit of the printed page to validate your work.

Because the bigshots will walk all over you if you let them. And we’ve always excuse such behavior with social inertia (‘It’s always been that way’) or victim mentality (‘What can I do?”). We don’t have to play their game, anymore.

So bookmark this site for your regular fix of Beerkada. Read all the storylines you missed out. Visit your favorite strips again and again. And please support this site.

Because the bigshots they can go eff themselves.