It’s the 2008 Beerkadets Summer Swimming Party! Featuring Chompy’s girlkada!

And some Beerkadets!

The Beerkadets and Chompy’s galpals met up in McDo Mindanao Avenue around 8:30am. From there, we proceeded to take a bus to Valenzuela and two tricycle rides to our final destination.

It was quite a journey to Chateau Valenzuela, but it was well worth it. The water was just at the right temperature for a cool dip. We spent several hours playing tag alone.
The swimming was over by 1pm and had a very late lunch in Gerry’s Grill Trinoma. Kai was able to meet up with us there and get her very own copy of BFF.

Thanks to Tenkouken for getting the venue! And our new Korean friend Carol for our Korean names! And Chompy for helping to organize the event! And everyone who attended!

More pictures are available at the forum.

Mainggit yung wala. Bwahaha.