This is Xian Pe (real name undisclosed), one of the many sweatshop workers in Southeast Asia laboring past legal hours to finish the BearCuddles hats for ToyCon2008.

“I haven’t been home for two months already. I miss my dog. And the supervisor keeps ogling me. But I can’t do anything until I finish the quota of this BearCuddles before June 14th.”

Her story and thousands of others like hers make up the shameful secret of what’s driving the miraculous economic boom being enjoyed by this region of the world. But the real tragedy is, only a few BearCuddles hats will be ready by convention time, on June 14-15, 10am-6pm, in Megatrade Hall, Megamall.

If you wish to reserve your BearCuddles hat and make Xian Pe’s job easier, email us now at