Full Name: Jay Bilasko
First Appearance: June 10, 1998
Occupation: manages his anti-establishment supplies company
Status: Single

•    Jay was Glen’s college roommate.
•    Jay did not start wearing his trademark cap regularly until the Mt. Natib storyline. From then on, it seems like his cap is surgically implanted.
•    Lyndon often includes Jay in strips without speaking parts, almost like a silent witness to the other guys’ assorted shenanigans.
•    Jay’s P.E. during freshman year was ballet.
•    Jay is quite a bit more studious than the mathematically adept Glen, who blew off his requests for tutorials in favor of having a good time.
•    Jay is the resident outdoorsman of the group, initiating the gang’s forays into camping, including the adventures at Mt. Natib, San Cristobal, Mt. Famy, and Busuanga.
•    As an outdoorsman, Jay’s survival skills lean to the practical, if sometimes ruthless side, finishing off Dana’s ‘pet’ octopus for their supper during their Busuanga trip.
•    Jay once helped Glen procure a 4-in-1 printer for Jenky to use in the school paper.
•    Jay finished a degree in Social Studies.
•    Jay is an activist, attending or initiating rallies at the drop of a hat.
•    In his eagerness to speak to the media to help give exposure to their cause, Jay got volunteered into becoming a test subject in a dandruff shampoo commercial.
•    The toughest anti-riot weapon Jay has faced is a squad of Anti-Riot Babes.
•    Despite his hardcore activist sentiments, Jay has had a coño girlfriend, Apples, whom he met when the latter blundered into a rally mistaking the unruly gathering for a mall-wide sale.
•    Jay used to be an instructor in his college.
•    Aside from Glen, Jay is the only one who was brave enough to comment on the incestuous closeness between Bryan and Racquel.
•    Jay caught dengue during a visit to Palawan.
•    Jay is a big fan of the author Neil Gaiman.
•    Jay is the second Filipino to climb Mt. Everest without an oxygen tank. PsychoCow beat him to the first spot.
•    Jay became a vegetarian at some point after college.
•    Jay accidentally burned down his home by opening an old box where he stored a pillbox explosive.
•    Jay dated Glen’s first crush Pebbles.
•    Jay is the first one in the Beerkada to become financially successful.
•    Jay has hired Harry as marketing manager for his latest line of Anti-establishment products.
•    Jay lost an eye when the MILF babes abducted and coerced him into developing weapons for them.
•    He escaped the MILF by misdirection.