Well, I just found out mere days before the even that I could not directly sell Akibakada during the Nihongo Festival. I was able to stock Powerbooks Mall of Asia in time, though.

Thanks to Lorie, Leo, Francis, Drix, Christine, Mark C., Ariel “Project:Makeover” A., Polz, GXMania and Peachy for making it to the event. You guys are da best! And thanks to Japan Foundation, Manila for including me in their activities.

And yes, Akibakada is now available in Powerbooks Mall of Asia. Expect the other branches to be stocked during this coming week and in National Bookstore by Thursday onwards. Provincial stores will be stocked by the end of the month.



EDIT:  Here are more photos from the event

From Lei – 11th Asian Cartoon Exhibit, Akibakada and Beerkadets, Video of the Exhibit Area, Beerkadets Video

From Mark Cerbo – Nihongo Fiesta 2009 Album, 11th Asian Cartoon Exhibit Album, Kriss Sison’s Exhibit, Lyndon Gregorio’s Exhibit & Beerkadets