Patrick, Ariel and I attended Mogwai Cinematheque in Cubao Expo last Friday. It’s cozy, with a large screen, and best of all, it’s FREE (the sound could be better, though). I was surpised to find out that Mogwai was the former art gallery where I held manga workshops back in late 2006. Now, I almost regret raving about the mini-theater, as this may draw a mob and ruin it the intimate experience. But it definitely won’t be the last time I watch a movie there.


We watched THE SECRET OF KELLS, and I think the secret was why the nature girl was in the animation at all. I think it’s because without her, the whole thing becomes a big sausage-fest. The conflict of the film was over a boy, with his uncle wanting to lock him up for himself, while the hippie obi-wan type wanting to¬† isolate him deep in the forest.

*For a movie set in a monastery, God doesn’t seem to be mentioned often. No one invokes His Name to justify their actions.

*It’s a must-see for Catholic schools.

*The vikings are portrayed as one-dimensional villains, and this is saying a lot for a one-dimensional film.

By the way, spotted this by the door of Sputnik Fantastik: