Heh. King of Balls.

Update : 1328H

Beerkadet Mikey V. emailed me this funny anecdote about his food company and their use of in-house margarine right after reading this strip. I already asked permission to share his story with the rest of you, with certain names and places and places omitted for privacy issues.

My first job was in ***  in *****.  At that time, that’s where they
manufactured **** Margarine and **********.  The plant runs 24 hours
and when there are deformed margarine blocks, these are rejected and
placed in a container for reprocessing.  The canteen can get as much of
the deformed blocks as they can use.  So on days when the cooks are in
a very big rush, we sometimes up with hot margarine soup- yuch!  These
days I can’t stand the taste of the stuff!