I just successfully concluded a book signing during 101 Boutique‘s 10th year anniversary.

Wow. That’s the same anniversary Beerkada is celebrating!

Later that day, cartoonist-star Manix Abrera made an appearance in front of his screaming fans. During lunch, he shared a story about one of Manila’s most arrogant celebrities, which I will not divulge in this post. But I will draw a strip about it soon.

As thanks, 101 Boutique owner Dedz M. and his wife Cora toured me around the Los Banos campus, treated us to Thai cuisine, and gave me pasalubong of carabao pastillas, buko pie, and espasol. I was able to try something called Milkogel, which reminds me of leche flan but the PCC Dairy Corner used gelatin powder instead of eggs.

Later in 101 Boutique, Manix amused himself with some Laguna underpants.
Congrats to 101 Boutique and may it continue prospering in the next 10 years. And thanks for supporting Beerkada and my readers in Los Banos.