I just found out from Japan Foundation that the artworks I submitted for the Cartoon Exhibit will finally make it to Manila this late February. I wish to release book 9 in conjunction with this event. I’m already inquiring on book printers, rushing the layouts, and finding cover artists. What I need now is a title.

The emphasis for Book 9 is Beerkada’s trip to Japan (you can read the strips here.) and the cover art would most likely be a tribute to Japanese pop culture. I like to avoid using “Beer” in the title to avoid any moralistic salesladies in bookstores. Kyu is the Japanese term for 9.  Here are some titles generated during the last Artist’s Den meeting:

  • Fatal Kombat Fighters
  • Gundam B
  • B-Pop
  • Birutari: To kyu and Beyond (That’s Birukada Monogatari, or The Story of Birukada)
  • Birumon
  • BeerBlade

You can vote for a title by using the poll on the left sidebar or suggest your own by commenting below. Remember: the deadline is Friday!