You know what one of the biggest disappointments I had when I was growing up? Those Nissin Ramen packets. They have these blue and red packages that feature steaming noodles topped with slices of chicken, onion leaves, shrimp, and boiled egg. (Why is beef colored  blue while chicken is colored red? I don’t think you should trust the freshness of blue beef). And then you prepare the thing, and you’re faced with plain noodles in brown broth.

Where are the toppings?

For years, I dreamed of the day when I can afford the toppings. I imagined sneaking away bits of beef steak and shrimp from the dinner table and stashing them for future broth use.
Then came the day I got my first job. At last, the noodles of my dream!
And then I realized the effort takes much more than 3 minutes as the instructions suggested, and much more than P18 as was the price of the  ramen. Besides, Lucky Me Sotanghon came out and they had dried veggie bits included.