I may activate the comment registration form to finally deal with the spam.I want to get the comics archiving system right before proceeding with other plugins, the blog, the store and media gallery. I updated the back end of www.beerkada.net. I got tired of not finding the strips I wanted from my own website. I wanted to find strips so I can use it as a graphic comment in other people’s posts. I also lost the ability to link old story arcs to recent developments because of outdated WordPress tools.

Plus, I wanted to make a permanent blog, not just the quickly forgotten missives on Facebook. I hesitated posting on WordPress because it was slow and uploading images was cumbersome. As gard as it was on a desktop, I was worried it would be molasses slow from a smartphone.  I was hoping that in 2014, the updates have improved the platform.

The first thing I did was backup the wpadmin, content and includes. Then I updated not just WordPress, but my essential themes and plugins: Comicpress, Comic Easel, Adrotate, and others. The new version of Comic Easel allows for bulk import for comics strips. I installed a security plugin which limits spam comments.

Google provided all the answers I needed in modifying details.

While the updated site is functional, it’s far from complete. I’m trimming down the other features to keep the whole thing lean and manageable. I’m also testing the comics pages before fixing the rest.