This is a two-part strip, with only the top part published in The Philippine Star. The second strip is a gift to all those who made an effort to visit this site. Thanks!

I tried to translate both strips to english, but felt that the humor would be lost, so I retained the original Tagalog.

For those who don’t know the original joke, it goes like this:

(makes a squid-like propulsive movement with one hand, going backwards) “What’s this?”

(Let the target guess). “Pusit! (Squid!)”

(Then make the same gesture, but this time going forwards) “What about this?”

(Let the target guess) “Op-pusit!”


Trivia: The guys were hanging out in Salcedo market, a weekend in the heart of Makati where organic foodstuff is being sold. I may tell more stories about the place.